Best Manufacturing Solutions for High Detailed Miniature Production






Best Manufacturing Solutions for High Detailed Miniature Production



Normally miniatures in resin made by master mold has very high detail to ensure the truest fidelity to the original sculptures,but it's easily broken because it's forming process is under normal pressure and temperature. It's price is also very high because hand-cast is very time-consuming process. So if you need big quantity miniatures, it's not feasible and cost-effective to use master mold producing high detailed miniatures.Industrial production steel molds can also get very high-detailed miniatures.


For big quantity, when injection by steel production cast molds, all miniatures will be formed by advanced auto-injection machines under high pressure and at least 120 centigrade and under molding Temperature Tontrol System. Material is also the specially formulated industrial PVC to get soft or hard high detailed miniatures. Productivity is not small too. So both high details and cost-effective pricing is available.


Steel cast mold is very expensive, when you only need small quantity miniatures, it's not cost-effective to use high expensive normal steel cast molds producing your miniatures. but there are a good solution here to lower development/tooling charge, then you can still get reasonable industrial costing/pricing while high details are also available under not big quantity needs.


When you only need very very small quantity miniatures such as 100 pieces only, it's not very cost-effective to use any expensive steel industrial molds even if we use mold combination solution. Under this situation, it's good to use master molds to produce high-detailed miniatures made by hand cast forming process even if the miniatures will be easily broken but they are also top high detailed and very collectible for miniature hobbyists.

So when clients talking with miniature manufacturers, you should clearly tell them more correct and accurate information including high details, quantity, softness or hardness, complexity of pose, matt or gloss finish, etc. then the miniature manufacturers can give you turnkey manufacturing solution based on most cost-effective and feasible ideas if they are real and direct rich experienced miniature manufacturers.


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