how to quickly talk to game makers

how to quickly talk to game makers

considering making a board game with plastic miniatures and figurines to show off game scenes or as components?'re is an established company that wants to take the high detail and quality of your miniatures to the next level! Lijia Game has produced thousands of highly detailed miniatures for our clients. If you want to dive into the world of miniatures, we are here to help-from creating shapes, to tooling, molding and assembly.

there are the following ways to show you the concept, then we can easily and quickly start our costing, development procedures, prototyping, pre-production samples and industrial mass production based on cost-effective industrial concepts:

1. For metal and plastic tokens:

1.1, give it to us. JPG pictures clearly show us the industrial products you need. The pictures should be from different angles. The more the better.

1.2, please give us your own model or sculpture to show us your demand for industrial mass products.

1.3, please give us your 3D CAD files to show us your demand for industrial batch products. Please convert your 3D CAD files to. stp,. STL file sent to us. Here, our tool experts use UG or Pro Engineer software to process your 3D CAD files.

1.4 to send us 3D design files along with 3D printed physical models of each unique design

1.5, please send us 3D printed models only.

Note: Now 3D printing can quickly save a lot of time to show us your concept, thus saving a lot of communication time. You can use 3D printed models not only for toy and game sessions, but also for our fast costing, prototyping and tooling programs. Once you receive your model, our counting prototypes based on industrial feasibility are usually available within 7 days. Manufacturing solutions, molding solutions and cost accounting, etc. will be forwarded to you at the same time. After receiving your approval for our counting prototype and pricing, and then fast processing, industrial production is easy to obtain.

2. For the wood token:

In general, wood play tokens can only be made of natural solid wood, not cork. Its manufacturing is different from plastic or metal molding process. The manufacturing technologies involved are wood turning, cutting, milling. Most timber tokens are 2-dimensional. So your pencil sketch, even simple. Jpg pictures can show us your needs very well. Then rapid prototyping is available to you based on normal demension, and then the final rapid tool for industrial mass production.