Service Content: Lijia Game Production Co., Ltd a truly provides our customs with professional turnkey manufacturing solution in toy and game industry. As your true toy and game manufacturing and business partner, Lijia Game will grow your business  through cost-effective development and production of your innovative toy and game products.


Our Main Manufacturing Service is:

  •     Whole Board Games, Card Games & Puzzles Manufacturing

  •     High Detailed Miniature Fingures Manufacturing

  •     Game Components Manufacturing Involved in Game Industry

  •     Product Development such as Sculpting, Modeling, 2D and 3D Designing, Prototyping, Sampling and Tooling, etc.

  •     Printing, Packing and Assembly

  •     Metal, Plastic, Urea and Wood Forming Porcess

  •     Industrial Manufacturing Feasibility

  •     True Costing and Pricing in Game Industry from Real Chinese Mainland.

  •     Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Order Fulfillment,

  •     Toy and Game Product Safety Standard Adviser, Toy Safety Testing.


Our Main Focus of Products is:

Board GamesCard GamesTrading Card GamesPuzzles, and other Toy Products,

High Detailed Hobby Game Miniature Figurines, Whole set Hobby Game Production,

Metal tokensPlastic Game FigurinesMiniaturesWood TokensDice, etc. and All Game Components Manufacturing Concerned,

Children's Art and Crafts, Toys, Activities Products.